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Glessesboy wrote:
I understand the point, especially with that map. But I have used another map, this map. The map I used are all the rivers and canals in the Netherlands, I tried to keep it at realistic as possible. With some creative freedom of course, i created the rivers around the regions and make the regions borders with the rivers.

So the map is not accuarte if you are looking for the real life provinces, but its close. I made the decision to use the rivers as the region borders and not the real life provinces.
Is that something most people can life with? Hahahah :)
Glessesboy wrote:
Is this more into the right direction? (click to show)
Matty wrote:
That would work quite well I think. The only thing I'd really want to see changed here is to make Zealand a bit smaller (green region; bottom left; no Hoodlum, this is the old Zealand, not yours).
That top green part should be red I think. The bridge can stay for connectivity reasons.
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Glessesboy wrote:
So what should i do now? Make the territories and implement the rivers like this?
or something else?
Spoiler (click to show)
Matty wrote:
Just checking some more rivers now, but I can't find the one through Flevoland (purple center) nor the one through Drenthe. You sure they exist? And that they aren't small creeks?
If they don't have a purpose and they're not a main river (like the Rhine or the IJssel), maybe remove them.

But yeah, for now, create territories and gameplay (what connects to what, what are the bonusses).
"Strength doesn't lie in numbers, strength doesn't lie in wealth. Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers." ~Maria
Glessesboy wrote:
Capitals 2-5 (click to show)
Capitals 6-9 (click to show)
But how about gameplay on this map?
msmajunior wrote:
I think that this is close to the final product:
Final, almost, product (click to show)
Beautiful map @glessesboy
dough_boy wrote:
The lines in the pink middle bonus connecting to other regions is different than the lines in the lower left green bonus.

Also, not sure if I like the pink middle region being hard to get into that last upper territory. For instance, if I am in a territory across the river upper left of it, that is 9 territories I have to go through to get in there.
Glessesboy wrote:
How about this? about the capitals
(click to show)
Rockbert wrote:
excited to play this new one!
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pygmyhippo277 wrote:
as an avid caps player, but not a map creator, I can say that it looks really good! I might try and put all the 5 player capitals with only two points of entry like you have on most. Also, I wouldn't put the 2 player capitals on such polar opposite sides of the map, think about world standard with the Kazakhstan and West USA, They aren't completely opposite each other... well maybe that's a bad example, think about the placement on Korea-Japan, they are on the same island! I can also say that ports may be a good idea on this map, because there's a lot of water... I've heard from hood that the map creators are somewhat opposed to ports, but it would b useful especially in the 2 player caps format, for maneuverability.
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