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Glessesboy wrote:
I understand the point, especially with that map. But I have used another map, this map. The map I used are all the rivers and canals in the Netherlands, I tried to keep it at realistic as possible. With some creative freedom of course, i created the rivers around the regions and make the regions borders with the rivers.

So the map is not accuarte if you are looking for the real life provinces, but its close. I made the decision to use the rivers as the region borders and not the real life provinces.
Is that something most people can life with? Hahahah :)
Glessesboy wrote:
Is this more into the right direction? (click to show)
Matty wrote:
That would work quite well I think. The only thing I'd really want to see changed here is to make Zealand a bit smaller (green region; bottom left; no Hoodlum, this is the old Zealand, not yours).
That top green part should be red I think. The bridge can stay for connectivity reasons.
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