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Hoodlum wrote:
Just saw that Jonathon won 0 games outta 6 between dominator games. is that really dominating? i know it requires a certain minimum of game activity, to qualify, +points you have, but shouldn't you be winning a few too, (dominating)
new tournament is bout to start..and he's made an improvement if 1 outta 4 games.

flaxladrox played 2 lost 2

( ͡
dough_boy wrote:
This has always been my issue of how we have defined dominating. It is whoever has the highest rating and played some recent games.

I am sure there is a better formula that could be put into place to see who truly is dominating each period...
maafi wrote:
Game finished. Congrats to slackbatter, our new Dominator.
maafi is online.
slackbatter wrote:
Depending on how many (and which) players are in the games, losing 6 straight games is not the least bit unusual for a dominating player. It would seem strange to me to have dominating be defined by statistical blips instead of overall success/skill. I do think it is worthwhile to regularly examine what the term "active" means.
elysium5 wrote:
Congrats, slack!
Mike Donovan : How'd someone like that get to be your leader anyway?

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Jimi wrote:
Hail slackbatter, the true dominator, and the first worthy commander.

Hehe, congrats slack

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Blizzard wrote:
See you guys in a couple months to regain my crown
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Matty wrote:
I see that I am on the list. I played some test games to see if d12 still worked, but they weren't real games, so I bow out of the d12 game.

Hooboy can take the 9th spot (if he wants it).
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