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tcjohans wrote:
That being said, I wanted to ask if there are any particular points in the interface you think need addressing if you think they're hard on the eyes. While making a whole separate theme is a lot of work, I am definitely happy to address pain points, and try to make them a bit better at the very least.

Thank you for the reply, Cireon.

As for the eye-issue, I've noticed that dark, for instance pure black, backgrounds can be hard on the eyes. So for instance the (elegant) Blackish (#333?) color the site has in the header and footer and along the sides could perhaps be toned down to a lighter dark (#666?) or be made more opaque (70%?). Perhaps there could be an option for users to select the color of those parts if that kind of optionality is possible to implement in the theme.

Also, I should add that I realized there are other strategy-minded game communities besides chess, where connections might be build: Go, Xiangqi, Shogi, etc.
Cireon wrote:
I see what you mean. I'm afraid that if we make them lighter, the text will become harder to read, because the contrast is less. I tried #666 on the footer for example, and you can see it really doesn't help the readability:


I can experiment with it though. Thanks for the clarification.
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dough_boy wrote:
If you have Chrome, you can install the Styler extension and write your own CSS to override the site CSS.
GriffinUcos wrote:
Although I probably shouldn't share my secret sauce. :)

Too late.

Should work on Firefox too.
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