Middle East (by @@The_Bishop)
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KoE_Doja wrote:
i will donate 3000 too who is organizing this i can send as soon as i find out

God_of_War wrote:
That's hyper nice. I'm not sure the graphics of my map is entirely finished yet and it has already its own tournament... Just so cool ! Thanks BJ.

I don't see much participetion for now though... :S
Maybe people don't like the map, I don't know... Or they just don't like to play a tournament on a map they don't know,,, maybe!

Well, I add 3,000 tokens into the prize pool as incentive.

Which map is this anyway? Map Conquest? have a link?
Hi there!
God_of_War is online.
The_Bishop wrote:
@KoE_Doja: Blagoje_Jovovic is the head organizer.

@God_of_War: the map chosen is the Middle East map. B)
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Blagoje_Jovovic wrote:
17 payers so far
thanks for patience and sorry for waiting :thumbs:
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Ryomyr wrote:
I would love to play!
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