36 players, varied settings with increasing cards.
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The_Bishop wrote:
LoL @PippoCalogero, so funny! :D

I'm sure I know who you're referring to... Maybe not everyone knows that 2BeeStings felt so confident of winning the tournament that had bet all his houses. He now lives on the street and, not having a fixed connection anymore, he can no longer play 60 games a day as he did before. Fortunately, there are generous people like Pippo who don't hesitate to offer a bed to those who need it; and also a broadband connection to play on Dominating12, and a little boat ride every now and then, just to relax when the games go wrong... I'm sure 2Bee will appreciate it very much.

Seriously, I'm happy for Pippo's victory, but the defeat in the last game was a little bitter for me: I was confident that nobody could win that game and I already felt on the podium. Anyway «thank you» for avoiding me the 'embarrassment' of winning my own tournament! (S)
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PippoCalogero wrote:
You're welcome Bishop. I too believed it would end in a draw. Things changed when SN007 attacked La_Khaleesita, opening the way to attack your troops in Italy. I took the opportunity, taking advantage of your bad luck with the cards that turn.
The_Bishop wrote:
So I'm almost ready for the Summer 2021 edition. Are you? It's going to start likely on June 1st day (within 2 months).

There will be some differences from last year... I'm planning to raise the number of games per player from 6 to 8, thanks also to the new amazing French Republic map provided by Hoodlum. The numbers of players per game will be varied this year, being 4p, 6p or 9p so having less chances for a tie. And I think I'm going to include all gametypes, not just Death-Match, but also Capitals, Domination and Assassination. More detailed information will follow, stay tuned please! ;)
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The_Bishop wrote:
  -o-  Mediterranean Summer - 2021  -o-

Features: 36 contestants, each one playing 8 games, with a total of 52 simultaneous games;
24h (consecutive) turns,  increasing cards,  "sunny view",  original dice.

Tournament points:
+N for each game won;
+1 for each draw* game;
 0  for each game lost;
−1 for each turn skipped or game resigned.
More info (click to show)

Everyone plays 8 different games:

The requirements for the tournament are:
- having a rank of Corporal or higher
- having played at least 100 games
- having a fair play score 97+
- having a chat score 94+
- having attendance score 88+

Registration Fee: 100 battle tokens.
PLEASE, don't spam the forum typing «I'm in», just SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE WITH THE TEXT «MST IN» and I will enroll you in the tournament.
I will also check that I'll have received 100 tokens from each contestant: the battle tokens transfer can be made from my profile page clicking on "Donate battle tokens".
Players will be seeded in the games according to the most recent known rating, so that the highests will not play in the same game.

One can check his own (and everyone's) registration in the first post of this thread, clicking on the black bar; I'll keep it always updated.
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The_Bishop wrote:
Cdravis you do not have a Corporal rank or higher, sorry.
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The_Bishop wrote:
A 100 token fee is required to join.
Donations are welcome. Thanks!

Check your subscrition here:
inside the second black bar.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein