A quick overview on what we've done on server performance, how you can help, and some exciting map updates!
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Cireon wrote:
Server performance

In light of the lockdowns and quarantine requirements due to the Coronovirus, we have seen a massive spike in our website usage. It is great to see that we can offer a place where people can have fun from the comforts of their home. That being said, the server we use to host Dominating Twelve on wasn't prepared for this increase in traffic, which led to slow performance and lag during peak hours.

The site is run by volunteers, including their programmers. They've been working at optimising parts of the website where possible, but in the end it was clear that we needed better hardware. We've upgraded the server now, which will alleviate the stress on the server during peak hours. We have also increased the number of concurrent connections we can handle, to make sure requests get handled more quickly. In the meantime, we will keep working on identifying and fixing bottlenecks as well.

If you want to help making sure everybody can make the most of playing Risk at Dominating Twelve, there are a few things you can do to help as well:

  • If you enjoy playing at Dominating Twelve, please consider purchasing a premium subscription. Premium subscriptions help pay for the servers, and in return you get some great benefits, such as unlimited free live games a day and unlimited simultaneous long term games. You can get three months for the small price of $9.
  • When it is busy, consider playing larger game with more players. The less games are happening simultaneously, the better the server can handle it. If you enjoy 9 player games, there is no better time to fill up such a live game than now!
  • Consider playing during the quieter hours. Even when not many people are only, there are still plenty of games going on!

Map updates

  • Gold Coast, Arctic Circle, and and Brecourt Manor maps have been promoted out of beta and are now live, playable by everybody. Make sure to thank aeronautic and Hoodlum for these wonderful maps when you see them!
  • The World War II map by Hoodlum is now in beta and available to be played on by all premium players.
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megaLord wrote:
Hey, big fan! Question about game types. I'm trying to build one such massive game, but I can't figure out how to select a new game type. We want to play an assassin round, but it's greyed out and unselectable. Any ideas?
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Head to the shop tab, assassination mode and other gametypes can be purchased there using tokens :)
It is now Day 8. Please submit your Lynch vote, as well as any Role-specific Day actions you wish to perform (countdown).
Day Actions:
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• Role-specific actions (via PM with V98).

AlexCheckMate wrote:
Great work D12 people! I'm sure we would've all preferred to see this increase in traffic on the server under other circumstances (no Coronavirus), however, as you mentioned too, I'm very happy this place can remain a safe h(e)aven for everyone to enjoy while we're being limited in our normal freedom. The upgrades for the server seem to be living up to their expectations and even beyond :)

A deserving cheer for the hard work on the maps too - I've recently seen a bit more of the inside of that process and am very impressed by the sheer professionalism I've seen displayed there.

It pleases me that I've also spotted many more premium players I hope these, as well as the other regular players, do plan to stick around here at D12 for a long time to come :)
For those who may also be interested in different games here other than just risk games, check out the Off Topic section: https://dominating12.com/forums/5/off-topic - There's currently a new maffia game just about to start! Maybe you can still sneak in while elysium5 is putting a last hand to it: https://dominating12.com/forums/5/off-topic/3282/mafia-game-the-cannonball-run

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NicoHay9 wrote:
Like the sound of a WW2 Map...
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