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vikingo1337 wrote:
We have same time games. Live games. And 24-hour games. But we don't have same timezone games.

Obviously, these games would be for people who prefer to play with people from the same timezone, as 10, 12 or even 24 hours can be a long time to wait unnecessarily in longterm games with a lot of players from different timezones. Or just one player on the other side of the globe who is keeping everyone else waiting every turn. And vice versa.

The name, 'Same timezone', is relative of course, since people following, e.g., GMT and CET are not that far apart and can probably wait an hour more or less without issue. Hence, the games could also be called 'Regional games' or something to that effect. But the main focal point here is the timezone, evidently.

Alternatively, every new game could be given a label disclosing the timezone of the creator. Or a similar label for every player? That would certainly do wonders for the transparency of newly created games, so everyone has an idea about how much action, and how much waiting, a game entails.
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dough_boy wrote:
I don't think the timezone matters. Unless you are playing live, knowing the timezone doesn't necessarily mean that everyone in the same timezone will be able to take their turn relatively quickly because of
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vikingo1337 wrote:
It doesn't necessarily mean that they won't either. "Life" is a possible obstacle that we can do very little about, whereas a completely different time zone is a guaranteed obstacle that we CAN do something about. Anything else?
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Bare is the back of a brotherless man.
Matty wrote:
I have had games where every turn took a day. Not sure if that was because of timezones, but it could very well be so.

I can see the use of this, but I'd not rate this very important right now, so probably won't happen for quite a while.
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vikingo1337 wrote:
Anyone who prefers to get their turn faster than in standard longterm games, or slower than in live games, would benefit from having this option too.
Ber er hver að baki nema sér bróður eigi.
Bare is the back of a brotherless man.
The_Bishop wrote:
Yes sometimes there are games that go really slowly.
People checking their games only once a day is the main cause, added to the fact that different people check their games at different times.
Not always related to the time zone though, I know players in my same time zone who go to sleep at 10:00 pm while I usually stay active on the site the entire night or almost.

I would like 16-hour turn games instead, just for people checking their games twice or trice a day.
But I can understand the effect is different from playing 24-hour turns with same time zone players.
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