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blindolerba wrote:
Hello dear Dominating12 team,

first of all thank you for the amazing game you are providing us for free!
I would like to comment about timing...
1. When joining a game, why set up a timer and why is it only 5 minutes, after which I'm quicked out if I don't press "still here" ?
Very often I do other things in the meanwhile and when back the game already started without me...that's my fault for sure but it's also true that if I expressed the wish to enter in a game is because I would like to play in that game but I don't want to stay on the site just to check very often when and if the game will start...an alert like "turn(×) is already a very good tool. I can see that perhaps new problematic could comes if players are not aware that the game has started so better to quick them out perhaps but if so, at least let's set this time to 10min instead of 5min, that's my suggestion.

2. When playing a short turn game as 3 or 5 min, it is clear that the game is almost a "live" one so it is expected that all the players are paying attention to the game, so why not to skip the turn after a percentage of the time turn instead of all of it?
As example , 5 min turn, if someone miss it I have to wait 5 minutes before he skip the turn, slowing down the 'live" effect. Why not reduce it to a 33% of the turn, so 100 seconds?
3min turn, skip turn time 1 min...

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Matty wrote:
1. This is to make sure you (and other people) don't miss turns because they are away.
If you'd increase this to 10 minutes, that'd mean we are fine with you (or a person you play with) to go away from their computer for 10 minutes. Which could mean you lose a turn, which is not very nice to the other players.

2. This is a good suggestion and we'd like to have this one day. It's currenlty not very high on our todo list though, so it may take a while before we have this (if ever).
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The_Bishop wrote:
I think Riccardo is right on these two points. Both things are a bit annoying when playing live. The system already detects if they are active or not, with the precision of a second, then I think it should be automated.

I would pay 2,000 tokens for not having to hit "still here" repeatedly for every game! Or at least having it as a Premium option.
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supiachao wrote:
Some games take forever to start and I sometimes fall asleep while waiting, so I like the still here button. Making it a premium option so they don't have to press still here all the time is cool since premium gets unlimited game daily
aeronautic wrote:
Extended Timer:
It wouldn't matter if you were Premium or not, if you aren't aware that a game has started then you will more than likely miss a turn and this can affect not just your chances of winning, but the whole balance of the game, as well as your stats.
You can even miss 2 turns and get booted from the active game, if you are AFK or not concentrating.
Therefore, extending the time that you don't have to check if your game has started without being booted, will just worsen the missed turns and imbalanced games possibilities.
If you wish to remain in the game, then you need to stay focused and the current boot timer keeps you focused.
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The_Bishop wrote:
I understand what you say Supia, it happened even to me sometimes to fall asleep while waiting for the game to start. But on a couple of occasions I fell asleep and the game started with me in: this affects my attendance score, it affects my rating (I certainly lose when I'm sleeping), and causes all my opponents to have to wait 6 or 10 minutes without being able to do anything.

Aero, I understand the usefulness of having a "still here" with short times, in fact I am not endorsing Blindolerba's thesis of extending the timer to 10 minutes. On the contrary, in my opinion it should be reduced to 15 or 20 seconds, but it should be automated in the system, without the need to click anything.

In addition, I fully agree with the second proposal made by Blindolerba, that is, in 3-minute games you have 60 seconds to click "begin turn" after which you skip the turn, in 5-minute games you have 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds) and in 7-minute games 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It would make a nice improvement to our live games in my opinion.
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aeronautic wrote:
I too, like the second suggestion and I never mentioned it because Matty already stated that it's on the "todo" list, although, not very high priority.

The first suggestion was only revisited by me, because supia stated
Making it a premium option so they don't have to press still here all the time is cool since premium gets unlimited game daily
. I wanted to point out that this would just lead to more missed turns etc.
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