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rodd wrote:
Hello, I came to D12 when strategy game network disbanded some time ago. SGN was an awesome RISK game site with many good players and many good maps. I'm sure some of those players have migrated here. I took screen shots of most of the good maps before SGN closed for good. Here is a link to those maps/screenshots. My hope is to gain interest in these most excellent maps to have them recreated for use here at D12. It was suggested to see what interest these maps could garner before any commitment was made to recreate them = which would be a lot of work! However, i must sat they the effort would be well worth it. https://imgur.com/a/yt2ryHE
What's up all? Anyone from strategy game network?
aeronautic wrote:
Hi, I posted a reply to the same post you made in this other thread in General Discussion: https://dominating12.com/forums/2/general-discussion/3266/new-maps
Hyd yn oed er fy mod Cymraeg , dim ond yn siarad Saesneg, felly yr wyf yn gobeithio y bydd y cyfieithu yn gywir.