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armstrong101 wrote:
Not trying to make a big fuss but I'm pretty sure this is against the rules.
Just played a 5 player live game. Second last turn, Ballad threw the game to the next player, who eliminated everyone in a chain kill. You'll see in the chat, he used profanities against me, so he didn't want me to win, and killed off most of another player (mirddyn, with 5 cards), throwing the game to dumbplay, who came after him.

What am I on? I'm on my bike.
armstrong101 wrote:
It was intentionally throwing the game. Because mirddyn had troops on europe, and 3 each on Yakutsk and Argentina. He killed off Yakutsk, but MISSED Argentina. He proceeded to eliminate virtually all of Europe anyways, to no advantage to himself. Dumbplay came next, and only had a few troops of each of mirddyn and dumbplay to kill to eliminate them and get their cards. 
What am I on? I'm on my bike.
armstrong101 wrote:
04 Jul, 23:13
balladin: learn to play before telling %^%^
What am I on? I'm on my bike.
armstrong101 wrote:
In the game long, you'll see Balladin made this attack:
04 Jul, 23:33:43 Brazil (balladin) attacked Argentina (mirddyn) killing 1, losing 4.

He failed to eliminate mirddyn on Argentina, yet he proceeded to kill the rest (the bulk) of mirddyn's army on Europe. It was murder suicide, leaving the remains for the next player.
What am I on? I'm on my bike.
dough_boy wrote:
I would agree...no point in continuing the attack when you know you have no chance at killing him off...

Unfortunately it usually takes 2 reports to have things corrected. Hopefully someone can see this.
Hoodlum wrote:
seen and reported, however, just send the moderating staff a message nek time rather than this.
you posted his profanities here, which is just as bad. edited in post 3
here's a link to avoid him. https://dominating12.com/account/friends-avoid
DumbPlay wrote:
DumbPlay here - I'm not complaining.
But the move did surprised me I must admit.
What could I do but take advantage of it and making a note of the name of the player who made it?
All I can say it is was not the move I would have made.