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dough_boy wrote:
Hood has this awesome leaderboard that he manually calculates everything for. I have a few things that would be great to use for all tournaments...

1. Can we replicate this on d12? This does two things, 1, it means Hood doesn't have to manually do it (and should he win the lottery it will still be done), 2 it allows for a little more stats
2. Can we add in the ability to see how many games are left for each team for each type? For instance there are 23 "single" games for each team. In looking at this leaderboard I cannot tell how many each team has left to finish. Did Domination, Inc. win 14 of the first 14 and still have 9 ongoing? Or are they done and have completed all 23?

So it could be something like:

Team            |   Won / Total (Remaining) +Points    |   Won / Total (Remaining) +Points    |   Won / Total (Remaining) +Points    |   Total Points
Domination, Inc.   |   14 / 23 (9) +14   |   0 / 2 (2) +0   |   0 / 3 (2) +0   |   14

We could add it here: https://dominating12.com/tournament/76
Matty wrote:
I can easily modify this page to show pending, active, won, lost, total, instead of just won/total.
The other things are harder though, for two reasons:
1. We don't know of teams (in game, yes, but for the rest the teams could change constantly for all we know).
2. If we split the wins on 'amount of players per game', then why not also split on 'gametype', or 'total players', or 'all combinations of total players, map and gametype'? How to display all that?
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Hoodlum wrote:
i have modified the spreadsheet for the next pairs tournament if we have one. Here's an example. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PClhJc-AQsXuat20ya6fYv04V7kj1-ZIktcW0-pC2P4/edit#gid=1869107833
atm all i do for the current tournament is change the (W = Win) amount when i log on as i get automatic notifications of a game finished. It's not too much hard work since the spreadsheet does all the work.
So the new modified spreadsheet I will need to add the (L = Loss) as well and it should help follow the tournament better.
adding the pending, active, won, lost stats would be helpful matty. the participants page is what i refer to when i make mistakes atm


What makes making tournaments of this scale a task that could be easier.

Making random maps for hundreds of games - this tournament is 304 games, it would be easier to just duplicate 300+ maps with the duplicate game feature but that'd be boring. a random map default option (size per amount of players considered) would be good.

Colours for players. it's currently defaulted on green but still have to manually change the rest. i try to remember players preferred colours when doing this. it'd be good if it was defaulted on preferred colour choice when entering a players name. but defaulted on random colour would probably be easier to implement?
dough_boy wrote:
Yeah, that page is tough because it is individual. Also, it doesn't take into account "points" per type. e.g. 1v1, 2v2v2, etc. 

Wonder if more could be done to "automate" things then? For instance maybe there is a tournament control panel where Hood can create a "team" by providing the team name and choosing the two players for the team. He could also specify points per game type and what maps he wants to allow.

Once the tournament is full he could click a button that would automatically create all of the games necessary. It would add the people, assign the most common color for a user (maybe based on whoever has the highest rank, etc).

This same setup could be used for other game types. e.g. individual, etc. He could even specify game settings like fog, domination, adjacent, time, etc. Seems relatively easy, but not sure about the priority. I would rather make Hood's life easier as I think they are popular, but he spends an inordinate amount of time setting them up and then managing them.
AlexCheckMate wrote:
Sounds like a cool thing with no downsides! Hope it gets implemented =)
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