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elysium5 wrote:
New mafia sign-up thread.

This is a forum based role playing game.

This we be a relatively simple set-up with common mafia styled/themed roles.

Amount of players will determine number of roles.

Players List
1. @Tennesseelogman
2. @Rockbert
3. @KC321
4. @notoriouspat
5. @Rcomer727
6. @ThickTalon
7. @jkl3699
8. @2ofclubs
9. @Ryomyr
10. @Hoodlum
11. @MacEohaid
12. @pygmyhippo277
13. @Abs
14. @Anaxagore
15. @DreamStreet
16. @BadKarma
Everybody knows the dice are loaded.

-Leonard Cohen

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Rockbert wrote:
In please. that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls, who neither know victory, nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt
pygmyhippo277 wrote:
sorry about last game people, some stuff came up.

BUT im in
“Emigrate or Degenerate.”

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