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KittyCatManiac wrote:
All jokes aside, I thought it'd be interesting to see some of the worst dice posted here if anyone wants to.

This isn't that bad, but I'll start with my worst from tonight haha:

Ukraine (KittyCatManiac) attacked Middle East (begold) killing 3, losing 13.

Abraham Bay (KittyCatManiac) attacked Snug (nperry54) killing 0, losing 7

Matanzas (2ofclubs) attacked Havana (KittyCatManiac) killing 16, losing 4.

North Africa (KittyCatManiac) attacked Egypt (balladone1) killing 1, losing 9
God_of_War wrote:
Lose 45 to a 15 spot. Only killed 4 or so. 
Lose 30 to a 10 spot.
Lose 14 to a 1 spot.

Those are forever in my memories... and why I took a long break from playing the game. Skill just doesn't matter when you are up against those odds.
Hi there!
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haloway13 wrote:
I think either you have proof of the game or you are just boasting!
Irkutsk (haloway13) attacked Mongolia (SHJENKE) killing 13, losing 37.
slackbatter wrote:

Ural 2 (slackbatter) attacked Siberia 2 (elysium5) killing 33, losing 9.

One player's "angry dice gods" are another player's "I really played well today"
elysium5 wrote:
Is that my que to rant about the dice? lol

I guess I've played too many games and didn't notice because for me, sometimes I eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats me. Balances out in the end.
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Jimi wrote:
I totally agree with Ely, sometimes they are crazy good for you, and the other times, it just kills you off

“While you were so busy forcing me into a boner, you forgot you were committing one yourself.”

KittyCatManiac wrote:
Haloway: I love that you posted the link to your game haha. Also, slack I'm angry at that number even though I wasn't even your opponent xD
The_Bishop wrote:
0-10 Kill-Lost ratio can't be called << boringly "fair" >> especially when costs me the game:
Foggia (The_Bishop) attacked Bari (vorple) killing 0, losing 10. Last roll actually was a desperate 3v3, that must be said.

However -- as always -- I appreciate Slack's philosophy to the game and the hilarity with which explaining it! :thumbs:
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The_Bishop wrote:
Well, that sounds like an invitation... I'm a bit scared really, coz I see the young Kitty has become a lion now! :o

«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
KittyCatManiac wrote:
It is absolutely an invitation, I would love to play a game with you considering its been about a decade since haha. and I just may have learned some new skills ;3
OldDogGen wrote:
22 v 2 on a cap , i lost 21 killing 1 
336 v 322 i lost 335 killing 316
a few lossing 10 killing 0 and less

fun times :{

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dough_boy wrote:
22 v 2 on a cap , i lost 21 killing 1 
336 v 322 i lost 335 killing 316
a few lossing 10 killing 0 and less

fun times :{

And this is why I have to be conservative when attacking. 336v322 would be a non-starter for me. I generally don't bother attacking unless I have 150% more. So if attacking 10, I might want to start with 25. I would only do that attack if I didn't really care the outcome, or it was a last ditch effort.