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Blizzard wrote:
I’m in london this week staying in south wark until Tuesday. Someone give me a great Indian restaurant please!
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Cireon wrote:
I've heard great things about Dishoom. I'm not into Indian food much myself though, so can't share any first hand experience. However, Dishoom has been recommended to me by Indian colleagues so you probably can't go wrong there.
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Fendi wrote:
Good choice by going with Indian food. And if I were you I'd stay away from their pies. ;)
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Blizzard wrote:
So we didn’t see this post in time and went to Punjabi but next time we will see Dishoom. We had some good meat/ham pies, actually. Back stateside tomorrow. Cheerio
POSITIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS!! Keep it positive [/quote]
Dima wrote:
Is it true that there as a lot of criminality, acid attacks, islamic motivated knife atks and rapes in london? Is this city actually safe?
aeronautic wrote:
The same can be said for most cities, but London is a very highly populated and visited Capital city, so inevitably, there will be more crime.
I've been there dozens of times and never seen anything bad happen and yet I see bad things all the time in my own city.
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