Failure to play certain mov files
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Votazap wrote:
Okay so here is my problem. I recently downloaded some mov files for certain movie type effects on my laptop(I did pay for some) . The weird thing is when I try to play one using windows media player it comes up with ""windows media player cannot play file.The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file". I can easily view the files using "quicktime" or "vlc media player" but I can't import the files into softwares like "premier elements" and I think the problems related to why it can't open in windows media player. When I try to open the file in Adobe Premier Elements 11 it comes up with "add media failure" then below it" Error Message,the importer reported a generic error". Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED since I did pay for some of these files. Ask me any questions you like.
(I have researched this topic but I am not very experienced with topics such as these)
Vexer wrote:
.mov is an apple format. It makes sense that windows media player can't play it.

I'm surprised that Premier Elements can't import it. But it sounds like it's just a glitch cause Premier Elements should be able to handle that format.

Easiest (but maybe not best) thing to do is to convert the .mov to a .mp4. You can use handbrake for that.

After it installs just click on source in the upper left corner and find the file you want to convert. Then fill out the destination info so it knows where to save the converted file and what to call it. Then hit start. The default settings will probably work just fine.

Votazap wrote:
Thanks so much! I am curious though why when I try to use handbrake to convert a folder it doesn't recognize it but when I do the files individually it does. They are all the same file type.