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nap66 wrote:
can someone explain to me how is it possible to attack,move troops and attack again??I am new to this game.Thank you
Cireon wrote:
This is not possible. Every turn you do consist of several phases:

  • Reinforcements
  • Attack
  • Fortification

It is not possible to go back to the previous stage after you finished one. In the reinforcements stage, you get troops which you can place down anywhere in your own territories. Then in the attack phase you attack other players and finally you can fortify troops between your own territories.

If you want to move troops and then attack, you will have to move the troops and wait for the next turn until you can attack.
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Sygmassacre wrote:
But it would be cool if you could keep some troops in reserve instead of having to place all at the start. Either having the option to place the rest at any point of your turn or after taking someone out and getting a turn in from their cards. It would be handy in some capitals games for sure
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nap66 wrote:
Thank you for your answers.But this happen to me all the time.Someone attack me,looses troops down to one,and reinforce,attack again.All in the same turn.How can they do that?
BETA wrote:
Please post a link to the game you are talking about.
and the time in the game that it happened..