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Hoodlum wrote:
the first image is just the actual game map used. i couldnt be bothered uploading onto another site just to display it. lol. same with new edit. i made Greyv and Bluff more clear. added bits of mountain range and moved lines a little. i was able to get the port gone.
refresh to view.
carrotMan4U wrote:
I randomly ended up in a game on this map, it's beautiful.

Is there a way for me to create a game using it?
I'm not seeing it as an option - and am realizing I know very little about how new maps get added. Thanks!
elysium5 wrote:
It's still in beta testing so in order to create game on it you need a premium account but you can still join a game on it if you are a non-premium member and a premium member creates a game on it.
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