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Hoodlum wrote:
Gold Coast
Hoods hood.
had some good test games on it. i like it.

Spoiler (click to show)

100% view
Hi Alex :)
aeronautic wrote:
The colour scheme kind of reminds me of the New York & San Francisco maps, vibrant.
I'm not too keen on the font or rather the fact that it looks pixelated (at 100%), as if it was enlarged. It makes some labels and letters look blurred.
It might be worth trying a different font that is sharper at that size.

Also, why not go for a more Aussie style map frame??
Hyd yn oed er fy mod Cymraeg , dim ond yn siarad Saesneg, felly yr wyf yn gobeithio y bydd y cyfieithu yn gywir.
farspaceplace wrote:
So...what tert do u live in Hood? Personally i like the Advanced Town area, but also seems to possibly be an off grid area, to far away from the town, according to the map? If it is a 20 -30 mins drive to the center - no problem.
farspaceplace is online.
Hoodlum wrote:
i live in the light blue region. 
I've been living on the Gold Coast for bout 10 years, but travelled outta town for work, so still slowly getting familiar with the inlands, but the map helps. partly a reason i wanted to do it..
advance town was the most intriguing part of making this. I knew about there being a Dam those ways, but didn't realize there was that much lake water..i have yet to take a drive there, and it's only about 30 minutes from my place, says google maps :) 

computer is a bit slow atm for making maps.. will get around to editing the font/frame
Hi Alex :)
dough_boy wrote:
That land bridge there seems a little goofy. Do they need to connect? It isn't that far to go around. But another beautiful map by Hood.