3v3 Tournament
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periwinkle wrote:


Congratulations to our winners!

[image]Ice Dice: @begold, @rockbert, @Irob[image]
They win a total of 336 rating points and 2100 tokens each! woo hoo!

Our Second Place winners goes out to:
Number2: @robit, @General_Ender, @Macklyn
They win a total of 96 rating points and 600 tokens each!

Our Third Place winners goes out to:
@Kochst, @biso, @Kleptopaul
They win a total of 48 rating points and 300 tokens each!

:) A big thank you to all the participants in this tournament. Stay tuned for more wonderful tournaments! :)

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Token Donations (Thank you!!! :-* )
@periwinkle 2000
@Rcomer727 4000
@maafi 4000
@2ofclubs 2000
robit wrote:
Since we are second sign up - team name: Number 2
DreamStreet wrote:
Abs, MarshyMotty, and Myself!

And I guess our team name, we can take "Death From Above" in honor of a legendary former dominant team of aeronautic/Sygmassacre that I really used to look up to on here! Unfortunately, I don't believe they play much on here anymore.
periwinkle wrote:
Relying on fate, drops and D12 dice. I am so dead LOL

You're not dead if you don't join :)

But if you are...you need your 2 buddies to make it a trio :)
periwinkle wrote:
Sent 4000 tokens! (Since I have nothing better to do with them)

Thank you! :-*