3v3 Tournament
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DreamStreet wrote:
I've been sending messages to different team players to try and recruit some more teams for this tournament! Hope to see a few sign up!
Rockbert wrote:
Begold, Irob, and Rockbert

Ice Dice - B.R.R.
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periwinkle wrote:
i would be in favor of a team consisting of 2ofclubs, 2ofclubs, and 2ofclubs

Well looks like it might be just 12 teams. I have an alternate configuration to run 12 team tournament.  Let's wait a few days. Then ill post the new configuration.
2ofclubs wrote:
SN007, SHJENKE and 2ofclubs
Team: 'streetofdreams'  tentatively
I will donate 2000 tokens
huskers01 wrote:
Deepdaleduck, dwcalvert and huskers01 would like to play. Team name is triple threat