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The_Bishop wrote:
'SMALL CAPS' in typography is a font where the lowercase letters are capitals, same as the uppercases but smaller. Just like this:

Here instead it means to play Capitals on small maps and with a small number of players: 2, 3 or 4.

This is a 12-player tournament in 3 actual rounds. A total of 12 games per player on 8 different maps.
FFA (singles),  24h consecutive turns,  increasing cards,  full view,  original dice.

Tournament points:
+N for each game won;
+1 for each draw* game;
 0  for each game lost;
−1 for each turn skipped or game resigned.
More info (click to show)

Everyone plays 12 different games:

N = number of players; except for the first game of round #1 which has *double points.

Brecourt Manor is special, it is played 2 times, two 1v1 games like a small knockout tournament with 4 players. So the 1st (who wins both games) gets 6 points, the 2nd (who wins first game and loses second one) gets 4 points, the 3rd (who loses first game and wins second one) gets 2 points and the 4th (who loses both games) gets nothing. Like a mini-tournament inside the main tournament.

The requirements for this tournament are:
- having a rank of Warrant Officer (or higher)
- having played 60 Capitals games
- having a fair play score 99+
- having a chat score 97+
- having attendance score 84+

Registration Fee: 500 battle tokens to send to me & 25 ratings deducted

Prize Pool = 9,500 battle tokens:
  • half to the 1st,
  • a third to the 2nd,
  • what remains to the 3rd.

Rating bonus = 300 points:
  • +200 to the 1st,
  • +100 to the 2nd,

I'll play :)

«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
DreamStreet wrote:
I'd like to join, but my rank is not quite a chief warrant officer? Any chance you can waive that requirement or no? Let me know, and I'll send you the tokens if you can confirm my place.

P.S. I haven't bought my rank, but it's well over what it says. Trying to save on tokens.
The_Bishop wrote:
Long ago, there was no use for tokens other than buying the rank, so we called 'rank-coverers' those not buying it. Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to understand the advantage of not buying the rank. I realised that too late, so now I'm taking my revenge!! :) :) I know it might sound annoying this requirement, but actually it makes some benefits from buying the rank, it balances things out in my opinion. I'll use it also in other tournaments coming nextly.

There are some chances I waive the "Chief" part, just in case I struggle to find 12 players for the tournament.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
anuorre wrote:
I would like to join but severely short of tokens :( would love a kind donor?
The_Bishop wrote:
@anuorre, You need 500 for the entry fee + 1150 for the required rank
Sorry, I do not have many tokens but probably you can find some backer.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
anuorre wrote:
@bishop perhaps you meant having min 2350 points? :)

I could likely make the entrance fee, just need to play another 13 games
The_Bishop wrote:
No no, sorry, I meant a real Chief Warrant Officer rank!
Because I hate those Private dots! :)
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
anuorre wrote:
Finally have enough for entrance fee. If you decide to waive the rank let me know @bishop. I qualify on a points basis. :)