This game type will make fixed card games much more fun
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Admin wrote:
We have a new game type available thanks to Cireon and The_Bishop. In domination you win by controlling a majority of the territories on the map instead of defeating all your opponents. The amount of territories that you must conquer depends on how many players are in the game. You can see how many territories are needed to win by looking next to where it tells you what the next card bonus will be.

Access to this game type is not automatic. You must purchase the game type with 200 site tokens in the Shop. For those unfamiliar with tokens, you earn 20 tokens when you finish a game. You can find the shop by clicking on 'Upgrades' Then on the left side click on Gametypes or you can click on 'Account', then Shop on the left side, then Gametypes or use this link:

The most common use for this game type will be in combination with the Fixed Cards setting. Domination Fixed Card games will be shorter than Deathmatch Fixed Card games.

This game type will be in beta and subject to slight modifications based on the feedback we receive.
Cireon wrote:
If you want to discuss this new game type, share your game experiences or have other feedback: I have created a forum thread to do this:
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