I will be implementing a new ranking system soon. The old system is difficult for people to understand and I feel they can't really get into it because of the
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4myGod wrote:
I will be implementing a new ranking system soon. The old system is difficult for people to understand and I feel they can't really get into it because of the lack of understanding. The new system is simple so they can watch as their rank gets higher and they know exactly how to get it higher.

How is the new system calculated?
The calculation for the new ranks will be based on points. A user will start with 1000 points and lose or gain points depending on if they win a game. It will go like this:

(losers points/average points of all players)*20

Can I see an example?
An example:

John 1000 points
Bob 1500 points
Billy 3000 points

They play together and Bob wins:

(1000+1500+3000 / 3 players) = 1833 average (I round down)

John loses 11 points (1000 john points / 1833 average)*20
Billy loses 33 points (3000 billy points / 1833 average)*20
Bob gains 44 points (11 john points + 33 billy points)

The play together and Billy wins:

(1000+1500+3000 / 3 players) = 1833 average

John loses 11 points (1000 john points / 1833 average)*20
Bob loses 16 points (1500 bob points / 1833 average)*20
Billy gains 27 points ( 11 john points + 16 bob points)

Do I have to repurchase my rank?
No, when we change the ranks will stay purchased, but the requirement for the ranks will be based on points and not skill points, so you will probably go down in rank, but when you get enough points again your rank will go up without having to repurchase the rank.

How many points and tokens do I need for each of the ranks?
We didn't change the token costs. The points and tokens are as follows:

0 points - 0 tokens - Basic
800 points - 100 tokens - Private
900 points - 200 tokens - Private First Class
1100 points - 350 tokens - Lance Corporal
1300 points - 500 tokens - Corporal
1500 points - 650 tokens - Corporal First Class
1700 points - 850 tokens - Sergeant
1900 points - 1050 tokens - Sergeant Major
2100 points - 1250 tokens - Command Sergeant

2400 points - 1500 tokens - Warrant Officer
2700 points - 1750 tokens - Chief Warrent Officer

3000 points - 2050 tokens - 2nd Lieutenant
3300 points - 2350 tokens - 1st Lieutenant
3600 points - 2700 tokens - Captain
3900 points - 3050 tokens - Major
4200 points - 3450 tokens - Lieutenant Colonel
4500 points - 3850 tokens - Colonel
4800 points - 4300 tokens - Brigadier General
5100 points - 4750 tokens - Major General
5400 points - 5200 tokens - Lieutenant General
5700 points - 5650 tokens - General

What will happen to the skill points?
Skill points will still be calculated but they will not affect your rank. Later we will plan a special use for them, but for the time being we will divide the number by 100 and title it as your skill level. So if you have 900 skill points you will have a 9 skill level. The level will be rounded down always.

How many points will old members start with?
To be fair all previous members and newly registering members will start with 1000 points. Some people might say I should give the amount of points necessary to stay in their rank, but I don't want to do that. The two systems are very different and if someone is good in one it doesn't necessarily mean they will be that same level in the other.

When will this new system be implemented?
Supposing I am not too exhausted from my regular job, within the next week.

Where is the forum thread talking about this new system?

All other questions like "what are skill points?" and "how do I get tokens?" Should already be answered under the information link in the top bar.
1771 wrote:
Personally i like it, it's simple enough that the common man can figure out how it is calculated, i'm here for the game, but i like to strive for the next rank as much as the next guy, and i know some people may like to keep their old rank, but i look at it this way, if you're good then you're good and i will be seeing you back at the top of the list. Good Job 4myGod!
Vexer wrote:
How about instead of either resetting ranks or keeping ranks, we have a compromise that meets half way. Cut everyone's rank in half. I think that this would guarantee that no player will be ranked higher than they should be and at the same time not wipe out all the work they've done.
Glanru wrote:
I would like to recommend changing the skill points to skill level conversion from dividing by 100 to dividing by 10, still rounded down. This will allow for the "shock" of losing rank to be lessened by the display of their rank being higher than a player brand new to the site. It seems very difficult to tell the difference of a skill point 95 player and a skill point 0 player when they both are displayed as skill level 0.
7AceAdrian wrote:
I just found this site, it's the best interface so far for this type of game. The maps are really neat. I hope you'll upload more maps in the future because only 4 becomes repetitive. I've been spreading the word out though and got 4 friends to create accounts. I hope others will do the same. Congrats for the site^^
4myGod wrote:
Ok Glanru, you make a valid point and I will do that. 7AceAdrian, there is a lot of work yet to do on the site, I haven't had much time to work on maps. We need some graphically blessed players to come and work on some maps for us.