• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 9
  • Game 401692
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
In games where there are not enough cards for all players, the game is played with more than one deck. Cards from the second deck are shown with a number next to the territory name. Games that have multiple decks can be recognised from the icon next to the cards information. The probabilities of getting cards of a certain color in games with multiple decks are slightly different. Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 4 (cap: 20)
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
FunkU 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 21 Nov, 08:39 pm
    mpomp: Hello everyone.
  • 21 Nov, 09:22 pm
    Fabled: you will be annihilated
  • 21 Nov, 10:04 pm
  • 22 Dec, 07:23 am
    Crystal: Please invite more players to this game or I will end it on January 1st
Server time: 06:36:19 pm
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