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Kzadbhat wrote:
Is it possible to add a viewer for an entire game's history, to go back and look at moves? Or possibly already a program available to do it? I've found myself wanting to go back through and look at moves in my own games, and in others. The game log is already there, so I know it must be possible, and shouldn't be too hard (compared to already doing such a viewer) to include chat highlights since they're all time logged.

Although it seems long games can't open full logs (at least in the browser), and of course something seems to have happened on the 12th of January, 2016, but plenty since then can be good to look back through.
dough_boy wrote:
Used to be a tool/viewer that allowed you to, but I think it has broken.
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Matty wrote:
This is the thread about that visualiser: https://dominating12.com/forums/2/general-discussion/3438/game-visualiser. And indeed, Alun has taken his viewer down, so it doesn't work anymore.
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