A way to use game dice to make a capital game better
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General_Ender wrote:
I have played some Risk games in the past that had a special rule with capitals. Basically it is this, when you attack a capital the attacker only gets 2 dice vs the regular 3. This gives a heavy advantage to the defender and making the attacker needing a much larger army to take a capital. I think this would make the capital game mode last a longer and change up strategies. Just something I would like to see. 
Cireon wrote:
Would love to hear what regular capital players think of this!
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dough_boy wrote:
I am not a regular Capital player, but that is because I think it is so much of a crap shoot. It is so easy for someone to ruin a game. I would be willing to try it, but I think it has merit.
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periwinkle wrote:
nah....leave it the way it is...i love caps the way it is!   There will always be someone that is inexperienced that will ruin the game such as...
1. someone grabbing a command (region bonus) that inadvertently weakens another player in deathmatch or domination
2. someone leaving too many singles behind in domination
3.. someone going command junkie and leaving their cap too weak

Why are we making excuses for their inexperience? I was inexperienced before. This just allows for more of the same bad moves. It's part of the game...and as a good player, one should be able to navigate common errors...such as....
1. when you know a player is going to go command junky and weaken another player....stay close or stack near that weakened player to take advantage.
2. when there is a trail of singles in domination...start stacking near those singles and once you get a set, calculate the odds so that you can maximize the territories conquered without killing anyone
3. when there is a weak capital...if you can block the others from taking it or take it yourself....you can often spot a command junky when they start stacking or fort in such a way they will have a weak capital.

Now, playing as a single player (free for all) is tricky...it is easier to do this in a team game such as 2v2v2v2 or 3v3v3...where you get multiple shots at taking advantage of the weak player. Often, I have my teammates kill me or I kill their capital for the win....if we get picked on...same thing...my team will kill each other to maximize cards. 

This is all about strategy...so why are we making it easier for players to continue to play horribly and giving them grace in the dice? They will learn soon enough. And for those who think these players ruin the game? well...time for you to figure out how to take advantage of the situation. It doesn't matter how you change the dice, someone will always ruin the game....but remember, it is just a game. Learn from that experience, so you don't get caught in that situation. Often my teammates and I (especially clarkenfeld) have this conversation....let's do this move just in case someone does something stupid or unexpected. You always have to factor in that unexpected move or dice....I learned this from experience. Sometimes I team up with the offending player and coach them through a couple of games....they are always very appreciative. Let's focus on other priorities....i'm sure there are plenty...this one is definitely very low on the list if it is included at all.

So from a caps player (winning about 2/3 of my caps games) keep the original dice. let's change the attitude instead.

my two cents :)

May we all have good dice, a great drop and 3 card sets!
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sfclimbers wrote:
I've played 1400+ capitals games. I like it the way it is. I don't like anything that tries to mess with the core probabilities of the game (e.g. don't like balanced dice either). If this were introduced, it would not be something that I would choose to play. You can add my two cents to the pot :)
dough_boy wrote:
I think that regular cap players saying it would ruin it fail to understand that I would assume this is a different alternative. So it wouldn't replace it. Maybe a "Caps - Regular" and a "Caps - Strengthened" setting.
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