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tcjohans wrote:
I get the feeling the same-time mode is not working well. Apparently, it seems there is a strategical advantage in being last to end a turn and then being the first to start the next turn.

There appears to be 2 consequences from this:
- LONGER GAMES: Players hold on to their turn as long as possible before ending it, and even strive to be the last one to do so, meaning each round takes much longer time than it should. (While one of the ideas of same-time mode is to make games quicker, not slower.)
- UNFAIR PLAY: Teams can get an advantage by simply being smart about how they time their ending or starting of turns. For instance, they can hold on to their turns as long as possible, then end them at a certain agreed time, and then immediately start their turns of the next round and coordinate some attack before the other teams get a fair chance to act. (Meaning that the success in the game is no longer a result of a team's strategic skill but rather of their skill at manipulating time controls.)

I suggest something be done about these things.

Possible actions (just suggestions) could be:
- Establishing a rule that the person or team who is last to end their turn must wait a certain minimum number of hours before they can move in the next turn (to be automatically controlled by the system).
- Establishing a maximum amount of time that a player can stay "logged in" to a game after they begin their turn. Once that amount of time is reached, their turn automatically ends.
tcjohans wrote:
Another idea that would help to mitigate the effect of timing, could be to guarantee all players their bonus as calculated at the beginning of each round independent of exactly at what moment they log on to start their turn.
For instance, if I own a region worth 3 and have 11 territories, I should get a bonus of 6. Currently, if someone invades my territory before I start my turn, I will only get a bonus of 3 when starting my turn. The idea I'm suggesting here is that I would still get 6, since that was the bonus as calculated at the beginning of the turn. This way, starting a turn earlier than other players wouldn't bring an advantage in this regard.
tcjohans wrote:
Here is a further idea of a rule/logic that could improve same-time mode for team games, to avoid manipulation of time controls:
- As long as one member of a team has started his turn but not yet ended it, it should be impossible for his team mates to start their turns. This will help to make sure users don't stay "logged in" indefinitely to the game each turn.