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kwikool wrote:
I am sure that this has been brought up before but something is amiss with the dice odds.  i play once a week 3-4 games using real dice. Sometimes there is an uneven toss...but generally the dice even out...  don't know what can be done but they are absolutely not random as in dice rolls.
kwikool wrote:
5 Scandinavia (kwikool) attacked Iceland (simomosi) killing 5, losing 15
Central America (kwikool) attacked Western United States (vmurty) conquering it, killing 5, losing 10.

2 rolls in a row.... this would never happen with real dice....

Cireon wrote:
Yes, it's been brought up numerous times. Since there is nothing wrong with the dice, we've collected all the information at https://dominating12.com/its-never-the-dice. I recommend you give it a read.

I'm going to close this topic, since we have a central topic for discussing the dice here, which has a lot of additional good information as well.
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