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kwikool wrote:
Is it possible to have a few new options for play?? I believe these are official rules.

1.  make it selectable to be able to make armies given for owning a continent to be required to be placed on the continent that is owned.

2. Make it selectable whether or not to be able to reinforce territories owned by a partner in a partner game.  To be clear.  Not allowing armies to reinforce your partners countries, only your own.

any comments?

dough_boy wrote:
1st one has been discussed a lot and likely won't happen due to the complexity of it.

2nd one I guess I can see, but then it really complicates the setup, communication, etc.
kwikool wrote:
thanks for the reply, 

 I mentioned the first only because it gives Australia a huge advantage that it shouldn't have.  I can see that it could be guys have done a great job of it as it is.... thanks

the second i guess to be clear would be to operate exactly like the normal free for all except to add the partner a and b to the setup and adding the partner chat.....

thanks guys really do rock
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Hi @kwikool :)

If you are concerned about Australia's bonus then you could try out the world modified map, which has the Philippines added to make the region harder to hold.
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kwikool wrote:
1 other thing I thought about. 

a "concede" button......if all parties except one concede...the game is over without penalty to those who "concede"  this allows an end to games that are simply about rolling th dice.  and all players must agree.....just a thought
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Are you talking about resigning? Because that is possible - look in the options tab above the player names in a game. You can resign for free in a 1v1 game and for a few tokens (I think it's 40) in multiplayer games. I think in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 it is also free to resign but I'm not sure.
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dough_boy wrote:
This has been suggested before. More so around the requests for a Mod to end a game.

You can resign if there are 2 left without penalty.
vikingo1337 wrote:
He’s probably talking about ‘Draws’, i.e. being able to end a game on your own if all alive players agree to do so – instead of waiting for an admin to take care of it. Not a bad suggestion at all really. It would streamline the game and take a load off the shoulders of the admins.
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dough_boy wrote:
Yes...I was referring to add this as a capability that has been suggested before.
Jolene82 wrote:
A 1 minute, 1,5 or 2 minute option would be nice. 3 minutes minimum is to long. Many players wait till the last 10 secs to make a move