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Kochst wrote:
 wanted to suggest a new feature. Our games (among real life friends) can get rather personal at times. People target certain people for personal reasons or because of something that happened in a previous game. So I was wondering if it's possible to add an "anonymous" game mode, where colors are assigned randomly and player names are hidden until the game is finished (or when a player is eliminated). That way the "personal" factor will be taken out of the game.

Thoughts? Wouldn't really apply to games with random players though.
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dough_boy wrote:
This has been suggested before as something akin to "total fog". So you wouldn't know who you were playing, who was what color, who had what cards, etc. But I agree, some just target because of personal reasons or rank, etc.
Hoodlum wrote:
yes. this mode i've played elsewhere and wish we had it.
i especially liked a mode where you couldn't even see how many troops you were attacking, you only know what you have.
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vikingo1337 wrote:
Good idea.

Chat would probably have to be disabled though, since people can recognise each other’s tone of voice, idiolect, grammar, etc. Or maybe just limit the chat to preset phrases (like in gag mode).

You would need to tweak the rules a bit too for team games.
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