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B4rny wrote:
Hi all,

In my opinion it was not the best decision to cap the losses to 50, so I was thinking about an alternative to get high ranked players to live games.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I barely see them around. (there are some exceptions).

As an idea, it would be nice if players can only make the D12 list, if they played for example 8 live games that month. That number can be less of course, or a percentage of their total games.

The only idea behind it, is getting high ranked players to the live games, now they stay away, scared to lose their rank to newbies. And again, also here are exceptions.

Roast me if you like, but please share your thoughts!

vikingo1337 wrote:
That's gonna be a very large 'NO' from me. And not even close to a small 'no'.
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The_Bishop wrote:
Anything that doesn't affect the rating system is fine for me.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
The_Bishop wrote:
Hi B4rny,
sorry if I answered a little superficially and not properly centered on the subject. Certainly your idea is interesting, but I would not speak of "obligated" live games, I would say rather "encouraged".

The more experienced players don't actually play many live games, but I think the live game is actually the real game as it is supposed to be, and in fact I don't dislike it at all. Long-term games are only a slowed-down simulation of live play, however they are generally played wiser and "more professionally" by all participants, which is probably why they are generally preferred by more experienced players.

So how do we get more experienced players to play more live games? Well, in my opinion the best thing we can do is to organize live tournaments once in a while. This would offer the right spirit of competition for which an expert player would be encouraged to participate, in addition it would also be magnificent, for once, to be able to follow and comment on the matches live. I think I will really organize something in this sense very soon.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein