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haloway13 wrote:
Would it be possible to have an undo button for the narrow case of accidentally clicking end phase back to attacking so long as you do not do any further actions in the new phase?

I am sure it is a common thing where you are about to take someone out in a hurry and you erroneously end your phase early. This has happened to me twice.

Thank you for your consideration!
dough_boy wrote:
This has been discussed a lot. I think the only thing that could happen is a delay end phase. So you hit end phase, it ends after 1 minute (for long term games). During this minute there is a counter counting down. Once 1 minute is up it is over. Once you leave the page, it is over.

Might be easy to program, keep everything as is, just replace the button with a timer and undo, etc.

The biggest problem is if you fortified, you cannot get back to attack, etc. So really all you would be doing is allowing you to fortify.
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Cireon wrote:
We have a new UI currently in beta that moves all the attack controls into the page, making it much harder to make this mistake. You can enable it under game settings. I'd recommend trying it and seeing if it helps.

The undo button is a commonly requested feature, but it has a few downsides such as dough_boy described, on top of being pretty difficult to implement, so it isn't likely to happen any time soon IMO.
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