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Kawwa wrote:
I dont want invitations in all games, for an exmple I dont play games "same time" . Can you make some invitition choices that we can fill wich games we not want invitations to.
Matty wrote:
There are some settings for that, in your notifications settings page:
You can choose to get invites from noone, friends only or from everyone. And also for live or longtermgame (or both or none).
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Kawwa wrote:
Yes, I know this.
But I want more stop suggestions.

NO same time
NO fog
NO capitals

And so on
Clarke wrote:
So Kawaa wants to be able to pre-filter the type of invitations that can be received. So if you hate SAME-TIME games like I do, no invites of that nature will come to you.

It is actually a clever idea. This way if you get an invitation, you know it is the kind of game you like to play.

Maybe we can also prefilter the maps we don't want invitations to. No offense to the mapmakers but I hate Oregon Cities and Europe 1814.

Good Idea Kawwa!