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dough_boy wrote:

Could it show how many won, lost, pending (in progress)? Right now I have no idea if a team is 14/27 and they are done, or are they 14/27 and they have 13 games left...
Matty wrote:
I didn't design tournaments with the idea in mind that ppl are in multiple games right away, but this sounds like a good idea. Added it to the list.

Not a very high prio though.
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Hoodlum wrote:
After a organizing quite a few tournaments, i have settled on a point system to calculate them.

points given depending on how many opponents/teams you beat.
Individual participant points for team games
1v1 / 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4  = 1 point (beating 1 team)
2v2v2 / 3v3v3 = 2 points
2v2v2v2 = 3 points

individual points for winner of free for all games
9 player game = 8 points (beat 8 opponents)
8 player game = 7 points
7 player game = 6 points
6 player game = 5 points
5 player game = 4 points
4 player game = 3 points
3 player game = 2 points

I think this formula would work as a point system that would cover any type of tournament structure. (individual, join order teams, random teams mix of all..)


In the map masters tournaments, i have 9 players maximum playing in a map tournament.
they play each mode. 9 player DM, 9 player Capital, 9 player Domination, and a 9 player Assassination
Those are the main points which i will award them 8 points for a win., but they also play each other in a 1v1 game (8 points possible), which are basically bonus points that can help do determine an winner overall.

Currently, the participants win/amount of games works as a points system just fine, in a 1v1 sense, or if all the games were the same amount of players same amount of games throughout the tournament.

This is just an idea, if your thinking of implementing an automatic points system for the tournaments. I think it would work for a tournament organizer in most tournament set ups.