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Blagoje_Jovovic wrote:
Recently I started playing domination mode and i really like it i have to admit.
We also played a very nice tournament, my favorite, because there were not many players and there were few of us but selected strong players..
My strategy is based on never leaving one soldier at the territory, and when someone leaves a lot of 1 s, I pick them up and do magic, I create two out of one...
it works pretty well, so I started using the same tactics in DM games
Raises the level of territory, move by move, you have the presence of your troops in every part of the map, you are simply everywhere and it is very difficult to be eliminated, therefore the enemies are easily available to you when it comes time to run.
Since it is not necessary in most cases to focus on kill, simply using your troops, reaches the number of territories and the game is over..

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sfclimbers wrote:
I have seen a number of players employ this approach during deathmatch games. It does tend to make them much more difficult to kill, and prevents sudden shifts in the game where someone breaks through a wall and sweeps away all the 1's behind it.  I use this tactic myself, when I receive a terrible drop (such that everyone else grabs a continent and I'm left to float around with no bonus). It will only go so far in deathmatch, though. At some point the larger forces fence you in (they are larger since they focus all their troops on just one or two territories) and you are unable to get another card, despite having more territories than everyone else.
The_Bishop wrote:
I think the basic strategy in Domination mode is the opposite than Capitals.

For the love of Dominating12 keep your capital strong!

For the love of Dominating12 keep All of Your Territories strong!

Who fails to understand that, leaving one's everywhere, simply ruins games or makes them really poor.

In a Death-Match things are debatable, someone prefers to build big stacks (more offensive), someone prefers to stay spread and scattered (more defensive). All three non-standard gametypes are useful trainings in my opinion to learn how to master at best the Death-Match mode.

The best win in Domination for me is when you win killing nobody. How cool is that !? When that happens is often totally unexpected by your opponents which sometimes are really amazed and lose with their mouths open... :oooh:
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The_Bishop wrote:
Hello... Well, review this thread again if you want to play the Asian Domination!
Entry rank: Sgt. Major.
Fee: 400 tokens.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
Matty wrote:
For how to start playing at dominating12 in general:

For the domination game mode in specific: at the top right of your chatbox (and then a little bit higher) you see a number of territories - capture that amount and you win!
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