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Alventio wrote:

I'm a relatively new player on D12 and am struggling a bit. I am looking to learn some good stratagem and not cause to much frustration to the better players.
After getting some good advice from @aeronautic I am asking for someone of higher rank to teach me a few things so I don't keep making the same silly mistakes,
causing me to lose a lot and possibly ruin other peoples fun and chances.
I am aware there are training manuals but often find there is to much information to take in and would prefer to be taught and told where I have gone wrong. This can be
achieved in a training match or two.
So we don't get ripped off @aeronautic has advised that in the game chat section we state this a training match and any points or stats will be returned after the match has finished.
To achieve this we just have to ask admin to return our or points after we have ended the game.

I look forward to hearing from someone who may be able to help a poor player improve.

Many thanks
AlexCheckMate wrote:
I'll be happy to help. I'm not sure how much strategy I apply; I mostly lean on common sense/math/statistics and reading my opponent(s).

I'm no teacher, so I might not know how to do it. I'll rely on you to ask whenever something seems odd - I've got no issues with talking (a lot).

Do you have any suggestions regarding how you wish to commence with this?

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Virtuosity98 wrote:
I don't blame you for not wanting to sift through the entire strategy tips forum. But if I could recommend one thread then it would be this one. It's not too long :)
I'd also be very happy to help you out in a few games, but not for a few weeks sadly (I'm quite busy atm).
Alventio wrote:
Thankyou for your kind offers and I am grateful you chose to help me.

I read your thread, @Virtuosity and a couple more from @Matty and found these very helpful. Learning when when to attack, the probability of success
and not to attack when it not only weakens your target but yourself thus allowing another player to win is the sort of stratagem I was looking for when
I wrote this post.

Also I have somehow managed to have been invited to play some test games with @Hoodlum and @ProblemChild96 on a new map being created.
These are obviously only to check to check the gameplay and whether all the links work, but as there are no points available it is making a good substitute
for training games. So @AlexCheckMate can I put your kind offer on hold for the time being. Sorry if I'm messing you around.

Many thanks