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Dima wrote:
"vorple: the real strategy comes when you cant just win cuz you got lucky and got the big card stack"
Dima wrote:
"vorple: the real strategy comes when you cant just win cuz you got lucky and got the big card stack"
Dima wrote:
hey People ,

i have a strategic question

i am the purple Player and i own iberia. to hold ibearia effciently i Need to take morocco. that way i dont Need to split my army. but i cant take it, since i will unleash a war with blue.

what do to?

blue player always fortify there and i have to do it too. whats the best way to do it? just fortify in one territory or in both the same way as the other player does.?

later i got tired of this arming race and to safe my iberia i just put a third army in extremadura. that way the troops arent on blue's borders and dont force him to keep arming or even atacking me and if he atks, he will make way free for the 3rd army and so i can atk back.

what are you doing in such cases?

what are you ideas on that "border arming" phenomena?

DOnt forget! this was a capped 20 game and it took 1-2 hours. you cant play such game the way you play an increasing card. on capped you have to think more "geopoliticaly" and cooperate with/against other people. so getting a bonus and safe the borders is very important here.


"vorple: the real strategy comes when you cant just win cuz you got lucky and got the big card stack"
aeronautic wrote:
Whatever you did it was right as you won the game, but for me in this situation, I try to see it from their perspective and my little old 6 in Morocco is facing 2 X 6 (12).
The only reason he was matching you is because he knows you need Morocco and you were unable to overpower him as long as you kept splitting your troops, it is a defensive build rather than an attacking build, as he has no intention of trying to take your two territories of 6.... You'd know if that was his intention, as he'd put 12+ in Morocco.
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Dima wrote:
well, the Problem here is that a defesive built can become offensive very strong.

with all his bonuses he had 8 troops per round. if he would place all These 8 in marocco, he would have an army of 14 soldiers. enough to overthrow my 6 in spain and steal my whole iberia Bonus.then i would get 4 troops in teh next round and an army of 10 troops (4-6 in Portugal) would not be enough to get my land back and protect it. the one who would atk first would win this pat Situation. luckily he didnt atk me, but it could also be otherwise
"vorple: the real strategy comes when you cant just win cuz you got lucky and got the big card stack"
The_Bishop wrote:
I would have made a strong internal defense in Extremadura.
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Matty wrote:
Put 4 troops in portugal, and in spain match his troops minus one. That way you're approximately equal in number of troops.
If your opponent is a newbie, do mention in the chat that an attack on Portugal will be followed up with a counter attack on Morocco.

If you don't want to send that chat message (and follow up on the threat if necessary!), then just defend both borders, but make them a bit less than what's on Marocco. With 6 on his side, I'd put 5 on both of yours, but if he has 100, 70 on both of yours should be more than enough.
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farspaceplace wrote:
right off the bat, it would seem blue could focus on some other areas with more success: north africa , maybe w. Turkey where he has 2 it seems? colors blend a bit.

So i agree with the assessment that pouring some troops into Extramadura, and/or other parts of spain/portugal fx catalonia (not necessarily the 2 bottom areas), would prob be a deterrent - just the fact that u have a bunch of troops on the other parts of the peninsula, will generally make people think twice about committing to a big assault. For a while at least...

Also if u placed a bit in the mid east, where u guys have not immediate conflict, but u have opportunity, would prob make him think "hmm, we can be good neighbours"....again at least for a while as it will constantly change.
farspaceplace wrote:
the reason why is blue isnt that strong himself actually at that moment. So subtly point out that u are to big a mouthful at the moment - and not interested in conflict either.