Using the chat to expose a player
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aeronautic wrote:
I think it's a good suggestion and may make for some fun propaganda games.
It may also lead to out and out spiteful strength & position reveals, but I guess there could be a new rule that covers this game option, where all written propaganda / espionage in the game chat, whether real or otherwise is allowed in this setting.
A problem I foresee, is how a player gets to see that it's an Espionage Fog game, before they join?
Perhaps call it something that differs from a standard Fog game title, to stipulate its conditions?

In the meantime, why not set up a few passworded games with others interested in the Game Settings of Fog with Espionage (explained) and see how the game method pans out over many games. It might turn out to be an enjoyable and fun way to fight in Fog games which justifies the need for such an Option.
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GriffinUcos wrote:
In Game create/advanced options, below FOG add whatever we chose to call it. So perhaps you select Espionage rather than FOG. The new game is included in the glossary so people know what they are joining.

Although I'm an advocate of pure FOG, I'll try to set up a few games with anyone who wants to try full on barbarian, double dealing, two timing, downright lying, game players.
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