Any smarter way to play than this?
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Madagascarter wrote:
In fixed or capped games, when there are 3 players left, there often occurs 1 stronger player and 2 weaker players. The weaker players team up and beat the stronger player back, but neither finishes him off because the person who finishes him off will be left in a weak position for the other person in the pair to win the game. So the 2 people in the pair battle each other and try to weaken and destroy other. Then one of the pair gets stronger than the other one. The 2 new weaker players from an alliance to destroy the new stronger player, but once again no-one commits to wipe him off the board because it results in mutual destruction. This is repeated until, eventually one player will fall into a spell of exceptional bad luck or exceptional luck and the game will be decided.

Is there any smart ways to end the scenario and win the game in this circumstance without relying on the dice to heavily? 
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Matty wrote:
Yes, but only if all three players are willing to take a risk.

I've gotten this question before a while ago, and wrote quite a long answer, so not going to type it all over again here, check this topic:

If all three players are good, than doing this is a lot of fun B)
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