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DurandalBlue wrote:
Hey all,

I've been stuck at a ceiling/plateau for a while. I feel like I'm decent but I just can't seem to win on a consistent enough basis to improve my rank.

I am looking for a guide that can teach me how to become an advanced player. Can anybody point me in the direction of a good article or post which contains a lot of good tips and strategies for winning?


Hoodlum wrote:
A lot of your games are two player games. You will always plateau with that setting if you continue to play them a lot. These are good games to quickly start off getting points, learn the interface, kill some time with, but once you get to a certain points range, it will plateau in this mode. You would then need to profile your opponents making sure you avoid noobs who can win a heap of you if you lose. And it's a 2p game, so this is awlays possible with a bad drop or bad dice.

A very good 2p only player will have a rank around 2nd Lieutenant. So, if that's the only game format you play, then that's probably a respectable rank to achieve. And to get there, you may have to profile your opponents (play only high ranks so you dont lose tonnes of points if you lose)
The big points are of course free for all multiplayer games. Most of which will be hosted in long term rooms. 
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DurandalBlue wrote:
Cool thanks. Yeah I've been playing 2p games lately because they're quicker. I know I'll need to play bigger games to accrue bigger point margins.

But as far as actual in game strategy do you know of a good article or post which can help me improve my game?

Matty wrote:
The best way to gain points (and thus rank) is to lose some points first.

No, I'm not grazy. You should play difficult games, that's the best way to learn to grasp them. Of course, you will initially lose a lot.

This is what I recommend:

- Play with high ranked people, and once they win, ask them for tips and how they did it (after the game is finished, otherwise it'll be half manipulation).

- Lose games, you learn more from losing games than winning them. Consequently, play all kinds of types of games. Caps, Deathmatch, domination. Fixed cards (yes, they take long, don't play too many at the same time, that gets boring), increasing cards, even a few no cards games :P. Also, try a few same time games (and especially there, ask questions!!!).

- If there is a live game with good players that you can't join - watch it. Just spectate, be a nice chap and chat lively (they will like you for it) and ask all kinds of questions. The most important part of the game is just before the killing starts.
I learned a lot by just watching games with Vexer, Killrick, 1771 and people like that playing.

- Read at least these guides, and don't just read it, try to understand the thinking process behind them (note, most often it's enough to read the first few posts):

The essence of a winning move and a bit of math. - Matty

First turn tactics - Vexer

Don't be desparate - Matty (and a lot of input from the community)

The mental game aspect - k_w_cheng (For advanced players, but also very good).

For stalemated fixed card games (only read once you're in one):
What do you do when it's down to 3 players? How to end stalemates specifically?

Check some of these calculators:
Simple calculator
Advanced calculator (Note the (One less than in territory) for the attacker)

These two guides below are VERY LONG. However, cbt is a pretty good player, so there will be things in here worth reading.
Deathmatch strategies
(read before capitals, especially for the math)

Captials strats, basic and advanced.
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ydoxy wrote:
Very useful answer. I fully agree with you.
Dima wrote:
read book on geopolitics
"vorple: the real strategy comes when you cant just win cuz you got lucky and got the big card stack"