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steviewonder wrote:
was wondering if i have five cards, three green, one blue, and one red, would it be better to turn in the same color cards or one of each. just wondering if anyone knew if one way was better to get the next bonus faster or not.
aeronautic wrote:
Personally, I always turn in the 3 of the same colour, because that increases the chances of you getting the same colour card after you end the turn, because there are now more of them in the deck and they are dealt randomly.

How can you see the cards or the screen for that matter steviewonder? LOL, nice name!
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Matty wrote:
I am not 100% sure about what I say below, but this is how I think it works:
The cards that you turned in will not be dealt again untill all cards are used, so if you have in the three greens (regardless of whether or not you turn them in), your chance will be lower of getting a green.
(Unless right then all cards are used... which is not very likely).

You have the same problem if you do or do not turn them in, in both cases you need a new green card, so it does not really matter :)

There is one thing though, if you have three cards with different colours, and you kill someone to get 7 cards, you are 100% sure of a double turn in. If you have all cards of the same colour, you are only 94% sure.
So if you are really really nitpicky than you should turn in the three greens.

That being said, if you can turn in a card that gives you +2 troops, you should always go for that one, it's much more important (and even these +2 might not matter that much).
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Vexer wrote:
matty is right. The cards you turn in go into a discard pile and are not used again until all the cards in the deck have been used.
aeronautic wrote:
LOL, I never knew that, I always thought I was increasing my chances and low and behold, it normally works!

If that is the case it doesn't really matter what you exchange then, unless you have the benefit of previous players card exchanges in the Game Log to see what is in the holding pile... play the odds game of which is the most likely colour.
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