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BETA wrote:
Vexer said, 22 September, 5:28 AM -
... hoodlum gave me an idea for the same time game players. Switching from the chat tab to the log tab will now re-sync your browser's timer with the server and check to see if any moves have been made and check to see if the turn has changed. It is no longer necessary to keep hitting refresh when the time is almost up in order to get a jump on your opponents. It's much faster and easier on the server to just switch back and forth from chat to log tab until the turn updates.

The FASTEST way to display the Begin Turn button is to SWITCH to the game log tab.
not to just click it. but to switch to it.
Spoiler (click to show)
It is better for your speed.
It is better for D12's server.

cbt711 wrote:
Yeah who started the whole mutli screen refresh thing anyway? What a jerk. This is a very cool update.
Sygmassacre wrote:
I've been using it for months. But it would only work before my turn. Now it works sometimes during but as always I request a game invite to give another quick way to get up to date on my phone
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Vexer wrote:
The title is a bit misleading since you didn't share the details of when is the optimal time to switch to the game log. If you switch too early then the turn hasn't updated yet and you have to do it again.

I did a bunch of tests setting the turn time to 10 seconds. You want to switch to the game log tab exactly 1 second after the timer goes to zero. @Syg, it did work before except for the part about syncing your timer to the servers. The times it didn't work were probably because your timer wasn't in sync.

All this being said this is subject to change. I am working on improving that code.
Sygmassacre wrote:
I probably shouldn't have posted in this thread as I dont play same time. My usage was purely in consecutive turns but it still was quicker that leaving the game screen or refreshing
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Vexer wrote:
Right now you can synchronize your timer whenever you switch to the game log. Soon I will have it sync the timers on every refresh.
BETA wrote:
sorry vexer, and all same time masters! but once I posted this, I have to be honest.

To update your timer, switch to the game log. Do this to be up to date.
Also, if you are waiting for your opponent to start his/her turn.

BUT, if you and your opponents are waiting for the timer to expire and start the next turn the fastest, then, I think, that the fastest way is to click the browser refresh circle as soon as the timer touches zeroes. as soon as it leaves 0:01. That CAN send in the the command to give you the begin turn a second earlier than when switching to the game log, which is to switch to the game log a second after zeroes. I don't know if the refresh takes longer than that second or not. Also, sometimes refreshes lag to load the page, so beware.

We still can update the timer throughout the turn by switching to the game log.
Vexer wrote:
Ok, let's not listen to the guy who programmed it (me). I mean I did set the turn time to 10 seconds and tested it over and over again. I also know exactly how the code works but don't listen to me, Beta thinks he knows better.

Both methods will give you a timer with a 4:59. Except sometimes it takes longer than 1 second for your browser to do a full refresh in which case it's slower and you won't actually be able to click until 4:58. So why use a method that has the potential to be slower and puts more load on the server? That's double dumb!
BETA wrote:

I will now try to compare the two methods -
refreshing with browser refresh circle AS the timer hits ZEROES.
and switching to game log a second AFTER the timer hits ZEROES.



In game 373721, I refreshed browser circle. started next turn same second that previous one ended.
In game 373729, I switched to game log tab. same result to start next turn the same second that the previous one ended.

ok Vexer!! :)