An exhaustive guide to 1v1 strategy, based on math, logic, and experience.
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TheChymera wrote:
Hi guys, I'm an avid 1v1 player (I try to thoroughly figure out how to play the game before I start concentrating on playing the players ;)), and I have recently put together a 1v1 tutorial/manual.

You can find my article [b]here, on my tutorials blog[/b]. It contains some fairly obvious points, as well as advice which - though based on solid math - is prone to attract some serious disbelief.

If you have any contributions to make, I would be happy to include them in my guide (and include you as a co-author!). I have even designed my blog so that it makes contributing easy and transparent.

Unless you find some errors or major omissions, I believe I have figured out most of the aspects of 1v1 gameplay, with a few exceptions:

* I am yet unsure how to calculate (and compare) the viability of alternative distributions of N troops over M territories in the wake of an enemy attack.

* I am unsure how to calculate the odds of a player's cards being fit for turn-in after the first turn-in (you have to account for the probability of him keeping wildcards)
Stratosphere wrote:
Very nice...
Thanks a lot TheChymera
I had a look at it, and it seemed to be very useful :)
I try to read it completely, when I had time :)
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Just skimmed it - it looks very comprehensive!
Thanks a lot, I will definitely take the time to read this and voice my comments afterwards.
TheChymera wrote:
Many thanks for that! I'd also be very happy for any feedback or reports of how my tips are working out for you :)
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Very comprehensive! This covers everything I can think of relating to 1vs1 Risk Gameplay. There are many things mentioned here that I had suspected were useful, but had had no proof until reading this (e.g. Spread out troop placement - 2 '4v3s' is better than 1 '5v3';).

Unfortunately this guide doesn't tell you how to get normal dice (I know they're random but I always get bad luck!), so the tips haven't been giving me many victories, but they are very helpful nonetheless!