for consecutive-turn team games.
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BETA wrote:
Most of this info came from Hoodlum, Votazap, UltrasPlot and cbt711. Organized by BETA.

For Consecutive - turn Team Games

In very short and to the point,
There are three distinct advantages that every team should be looking to get:

1 – To execute a kill chain for the win.
2 – To arrive at the teammates having back to back turns.
3 â€“ To make it a 2 v 1 (make the amount of players on your team greater than the amount of players on the other teams. By killing and by not getting killed.)

ALWAYS look how to attain these goals. ALWAYS. THESE are what you are strategizing for.

Now, notice the order. It starts from the very end, in reverse chronology. Because you must start your strategizing for the end first and go backwards.

That kill move, the kill chain, is generally the most important element to the team game, and the winning move.

Although it’s executed for the win at the end, it must be your goal from the start. When you have your turns, when you see the board, you must interpret the board, and your position, relative to finishing the game with a kill chain, and strategize to improve your position relative to that.

The next points are understanding, and perceiving and strategizing for your position relative to creating a 2v1.
And for your position relative to creating back to back turns for you and your teammates.

Have in mind what the end looks like first, have these goals in mind from the start, so that you will be able to set up these advantageous moves and execute them at the right times.

Also, of course, so you’ll be able to defend against these moves being set up by your opponents, and to counter them.

(There is more than just this, and there are variations and many specifics, but these are the basic strategies to start from.)
Sygmassacre wrote:
And key to implementing these is COMMUNICATION

Dont be afraid to throw ideas around in the team chat. You may just see something your team mate(s) didn't or the great plan you're working on might have flaws
A Harmonic Generator Intermodulator
UltrasPlot wrote:
Add this BETA. ^ It seems like second nature to us, but it is the KEY to a higher level of team playing.
BETA wrote:
ok thx syg and ultra.

I also want to add that some of these strats are (obviously) only for Increasing Cards games.

cbt711 wrote:
I really want to post something, but will wait til after the team tourny.
expat969 wrote:
Will be interesting add some kind of special alert at the beginning of the first turn. I found people did not realize that are playing team game till see some extrange reinforcement or received a private message. And I'm not talking just about beginners.
cbt711 wrote:
Well that doesn't make much sense since there's a JOIN tab that explicitly tells you HEY THIS IS A TEAM GAME. If only span style="text-decoration: blink" wasn't disabled on most browsers these days. Not sure how much more attention has to be drawn to team game type.
4960epic wrote:
We need some more same time team players
The rules for stt are the same as consec, just at a much faster pace
UltrasPlot wrote:
The rules for stt are the same as consec, just at a much faster pace

That is a lie, same time teams is the most gory click war ever...

meanwhile teams is probably the apex of the thinking game on d12...
4960epic wrote:
Stt is the same rules, just much faster paced, it requires quick thinking, you have to make fort chains, and think of how to kill and not be killed
UltrasPlot wrote:
>think about fort chains


>stare at circle and decide if it's red

Seriously epic? I was the first to play same time teams and I think I know what I'm talking about. It's only fun on a tiny map such as Caribbean or World Reduced.