Hw to reinforce troops in the beginning and before you end your turn
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coolbuddyrohit wrote:
Hello,Dominators,I would just like to know how should I reinforce my troops so that i defend my territories well and also not accumulate too many troops in one territory
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Generally, you need to have all of your armies on the borders of your empire. This way you'll not be wasting armies protecting territories that can't be attacked by other people.

You should take particular care in defending your region borders. I've found that having 2 more armies than your opponent on the border of your region is usually a strong enough deterrent to stop them breaking your region, unless they have a fairly sizeable bonus at the start of their turn. You need to look at their bonus and judge whether they will have enough armies to attack your border and react accordingly - if they could logically attack your territory with their bonus, reinforce it well!

When you are placing armies at the start of your turn, bear in mind that you only get one fortification at the end of your turn (unless it is an unlimited fortification game). If you do not need many armies for your attacks on that turn, spare one or two and place them on your borders as defence. That way, you will still be free to make a fortification to another weakpoint in your defences at the end of your turn.

I hope that this was helpful - if I have misunderstood the question please rephrase it.

giovanni7600 wrote:
In game 340467 during the attack phase blue capital has attacked to a red territory next to it and won that territory. However he moved the troops from the capital to another blue territory that had a border to red territory. He then continued to attack from this new territory. I realy dont understand how he can do this in the attack phase as it ruins the game. I tried to do the same but I can only do this in the fortification phase. Any help?
Vexer wrote:
That is not the correct game number. That game never started.