Question about D12 Programming
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Vexer wrote:
Honestly it doesn't seem worth the effort. The to do list is several pages long. Maybe in a couple years.
cbt711 wrote:
An easier solution that wouldn't take much time (I don't think)- since there are multiples on small maps anyway, just add multiples of different colors on every map until there are the same number of every color (RGB).
Vexer wrote:
The multiples you get on a small map are random. If we hard code a certain territory to be a multiple only a different color to make sure the colors are even then you'll have to have a list of all the multiples because you'll have a slightly higher chance of getting +2 troops for owning that territory if there are two cards for that territory.

The code would have to be written the way HiErebody suggested.
HiErebody wrote:
what about my other suggestion? "

Maybe, alternatively, we can put what the extra card colors are on each map (maybe on the notes tab)? and direct them to this forum post?