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Guntharpo wrote:
Wondering what the "appropriate" move is when surrounded and outnumbered in fixed / no cards. Say you have 20 and 3 neighbours each have 40 or more on your border.

No one wants to take you out since the cards aren't worth the losses and they don't want to weaken themselves against their opponents.

I'm guessing the most rational move is to attack all neighbours equally without dropping to a point where it's worth it for someone to take you out? If you get very lucky someone might fall to your level.

Or do you just stockpile troops and hope someone opens up a border?

What would more experienced players do?
Cireon wrote:
It takes 5 seconds to start a turn, put down your troops and end your turn. I have seen some weird things happening, so I would just stick around in the game and wait for other people to take a move.
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elysium5 wrote:
You actually have a better chance to comeback in these types of games because no one wants to waste troops on you. You can slowly build yourself back up.
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Vexer wrote:
If things were more extreme, like all the other players were 10 times bigger than you and none of them would even let you take a region so that you have no chance of slowly building back up then at that point it would be appropriate to resign.

A true hardcore risk player would never resign because anything can happen and if you are not dead it means you can still win. But a more practical player who has limited free time would rather spend their time on a new game where they start out 100 times more likely to win than the game they resigned from.
lifeinpixels wrote:
But again as Cireon said, it takes mere seconds to play your turn. Why not see where it goes?
BrewDog wrote:
@ Vexer, takes 5 seconds to drop your reinforcements and end your turn as Cireon said, one should just play it out and purchase premium if they want to join more games.
Vexer wrote:
That's true if it's a long term game but if it's a live game and it's a lost cause just resign. Get off the computer and spend some time with your wife or get your chores done. You shouldn't feel obligated to be tethered to your computer for the next couple of hours for a 1% chance to win. Lots of new players join fixed card or no card live games not knowing ahead of time that they can take hours. I don't think they should feel guilty about resigning if they are the smallest player and have other things they ought to be doing with their time.

What absolutely shouldn't happen anymore is evenly attacking everyone else until someone finally kills you, just resign. Your troops will turn neutral and gradually revert to 3 troops per territory over the next few rounds. There is no need to attack to get rid of the troops anymore.
BrewDog wrote:
Good point. I didn't think of that because I rarely play live games. I just don't have the time to commit to playing an entire game, especially a no cards game. Maybe now I will.