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The_Bishop wrote:
Perhaps the western sea route, Mumha ---> Brittany, should be changed to Dyflin ---> Brittany, as Dyflin was a Viking stronghold and base of operations at the time.
I understand your desire for accuracy in historical representation, but I believe the map is better as it is, gameplay-wise and graphic-wise. Stll Dyflin has an important role connecting the two major islands.

I'm rather having some dubts on one region name: why the region called Mumha does not include the territory called Mumha ? I think that region should be called Welsh as it was originally, or maybe Gwynedd (referring to the medieval Kingdom of Gwynedd).
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The_Bishop wrote:
Anyway changing a region name is a very easy fix, it can be done in seconds from the cartographer panel. Not a real issue.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
Cireon wrote:
The development of this map has been discontinued.
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