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God_of_War wrote:
I think there should be a map that is SOO large that the majority of the spaces are neutrals and when you play capitals on it (especially FOG), you don't know where the capitals are located at as it is randomized (with some limitations) so much. Then you truly have to explore and figure out where to go.

probably impossible and I doubt this would ever happen but sounds enjoyable. you could practically merge maps that already exist and if playing a 9 player game, you essentially give each person a "map" where their capital is random on it like individual islands.

Anyway. back to work.
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elysium5 wrote:
I edited the thread title a bit. Anyway, back to work;)
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vikingo1337 wrote:
Most definitely. One of the things that makes the WW2 map interesting is its neutral territories, and for my part I would welcome the prospect of new maps that incorporated them, too. (At this point I would welcome ANY new map, but that is another matter.)

And yes, it could be taken even further than just a handful of neutral territories. Perhaps they could be used to break up regions in a fashion similar to the four temples in the Battle of the Elements map or the split +1 region in the Black Sea map, thereby making the game more complex.

As regards to the YUGE maps they would be ideal for testing out 12-player games, as we've discussed before, but that is another matter.
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